Open-Lab CDS report. Column width and calibration curve label issues


I am having some issues trying to create a report from my data. 

1. I created a table using the matrix option (CompoundSummaryRTConc.). I would like to change the width of the columns but any time I try to change it the value gets reset (e.g.12) and is not allowing to make any changes. 

2. My calibration lines are not showing any labels or markers.

I have tried creating the report different times but I still have the same issues.

Thank you


  • I've had issues before with things not staying where I put them while building a template; or resetting the minute I would add or edit something - drove me nearly insane.  Eventually what I ended up doing was after having everything sort of set up the way I wanted, I opened the .rdl template file in notepad++ and manually edited values for widths, heights, vertical and horizontal alignments.  Not all that great a solution and hopefully someone has something better but it worked.  I had tried several options including not aligning to the grid or changing its resolution but had no luck with those, at least not in CDS C.01.07.

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