How to pause a sequence automatically after the last sample of a run? OR prevent the sequence to be closed after the last run?

Whe run fermentations and we take samples continuously over the period of the process. However, sometimes our runnings end before collecting new samples. 

By default, our created list of injections closes when it finishes the last sample, and whe have to create a new list of injections to run new samples;
To avoid that, we add a Blank sample with an "infinite method" in which the run goes indefinitely and we abort it to inject new samples.

I want to know if there is a way to put the list of injection in pause after the last sample to avoid this. We want that the list stay opened after last run.

Is there any option, programation or something we can use to do that automatically?

  • Can you tell us which software you are working with?

    I think that in OpenLab CDS and OpenLab Chemstation, you might be able to edit the sequence table when the last injection has been made.  This will cause the sequence to pause, waiting for you to add samples.  I can't think of any way this can be automated.


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