Upgrad an old XP computer to W7 or W10

Hello community,

We work with chemstation on Windows XP PRO SP 2002 with :

- GC 6890N


- HeadSpace G1888

As a computer technicien, i would like to updrad the computer with W7 or W10 OS because i don't know when this old computer will break down and it's also a security problem to work with windows XP.

My question is : How can I do ?

I also have software CD's working on W7 (MassHunter) thanks of our others agilent products so can I just prepare a new computer with W7 and install them ? If i clone the hard disk of one of my computers running on W7 and try to configure for the products named before, is it going to work ? If it's not possible, is it working with a virtual machin running on Windows XP ?

What are my possibilities without buying more licences please ?

Thank you for your time

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