Function not defined for arguments supplied when loading method error. MassHunter 10.1 Compliance mode

I have been having a problem with Masshunter Data Acquisition v 10.1 in Compliance Mode. When trying to load a method I get a error stating “Function not defined for arguments supplied”. For the life of me I could not clear the error out. Reinstalling the software didn't fix the issue along with a host of other things. I noticed that when I tried to log in there was a message for ECM Failure recovery log. I have always allowed it. The last time I tried to log in I said no and cleared the ECM failed log entry so it wouldn't try again.

I tried to load a method and it loaded without an issue. Tried to load a sequence and it loaded with no issues as well (use do have an actual message stating that the sequence loading was being cancelled on it's own). Has anyone seen this error before?

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