E-Familiarization for OpenLabCDS


Until approximately end of 2020 I was able to use the sofwtare E-Familiarization for OpenLab CDS downloaded from Agilent Subscribenet (see enclosed printscreen). Then suddenly it has stoped working and now shows only grey screen. I was informed by local Agilent distributor that the support for this sofwtare might ended at the end of 2020. Any ideas how I can access this software again? It was a great tool for the new students in our university to start with HPLC operation.

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    I suspect that the eFamiliarization for older revisions of OpenLab software has become a victim of Adobe Flash's end-of-life (occurred January 1st 2021). Current releases of OpenLab products should not be impacted by this since they have the eFam material incorporated into the Getting Started section of the OpenLab Help and Learning. 

    In your case the only thing I can think of is to is to try to find an alternative to using Adobe Flash. A quick google search shows of flash workarounds shows a variety of different approaches that one could try. 

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