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Hi everyone,

I am using Qual 10.0 with the specific Workflow Compound Discovery (Find by Integration). This result in a list of compounds with an associated Label when a match is found is the library. Those Compounds are listed appart from the TIC Scan in Qual.

I tried working with Report Builder to create a report where I can overlay the TIC-Scan chromatogram with every Compound label and RT but so far I didn't have any luck. I can plot the TIC Scan chromatogram with no problem, but I can't find how to plot on this chromatogram, the RT and Compounds Labels. I tried working with data bindings but so far with no luck.

I would love some insight on this matter ! Is there any sort of documentations to help understand the Report Builder ?

Thanks a lot

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  • Hello ,

    You need to do two things to have the compound names show up in the report TIC.

    First, after you have processed your data in Compounds View and are satisfied with your identification results…

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