Create calibration curve with dual injection


I ran a sequence with dual injections to start a calibration curve for my processing method. There is a difference in retention time on both signals and I don't know how to create 1 processing method for both the back and front injection. I am using the OL CDS 2.5 and I brand new at using this software. Please help.



  • Hi

    I assume that you know how to create a calibration curve in OpenLab CDS.  For a dual injection system, it's very similar.

    Create two sets of compounds in the processing method, one from the peaks in the front detector and one from the peaks in the back detector.  The compound names still need to be unique.  The common approach is to do something like this:

    Front:  Analyte1, Analyte2, etc

    Back: analye1, analyte2, etc

    using a first capital letter in one detector and not in the other.

    Does that make sense?


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