Clean install of OpenLab EZChrom A.04.08

First of all, I know that you might say we told you so.  I did this already.  I used Windows to uninstall my OpenLab EZChrom on a spare laptop that I have . 

I had some issues with EZChrom while using it  and one day, it decided not to launch the offline session.   So I figured maybe I could reinstall it

and I began to do this without the OpenLab uninstaller.  I thought I had removed all the directories, all the registry entries in the registry and still for some reason,

when I try to reinstall OpenLab EZChrom A.04.08 onto my laptop, it tells me that I have the same OpenLab version installed on your machine and upgrade

to the same version isn't possible.  I have tried to repair what might still be on the laptop, but there aren't any files so I am stuck in a loop.

Does anyone know what I would have to do short of reformatting all the drives to get this to work again ?



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