STILL Struggling with Report Builder for MassHunter

Using MassHunter 10.2 and ReportBuilder 10.2

I am working on a report template for a standard additions method. The report will have quantitative results at the top for all samples (RT, Response, Conc, Final Conc), then Calibration Curve Graphic, then Calibration Results.

I have three problems:

1) In the Calibration Curve Graphic, the response for each point is zero. Concentration on the x-axis is correct.

2) In the Calibration Curve Results, response is zero. Everything else is OK.

3) The entire report is repeated for each sample. I only need one.

I'm assuming the first two problems are related. Everything is fine in Quant, just the report doesn't show response.

  • Hello ,

    I believe the issue with the repeating report you are observing is due to the unique way standard addition methods store calibration curve information. Per the dataset manual

    CalibrationReferenceSampleID internally identifies the SampleID that contains the calibration table information.

    Note that the calibration table is stored in only one sample in the batch.

    The only exceptions are cases where the calibration table is different for different sample such as StandardAddition or BracketingType.

    So the usual way of getting the calibration information from just the one sample where it is stored won't work in the case of a method using standard addition. It exists for all samples and that is why you get the repeating tables.

    In limited testing I have found that if you change your first sample check to be for 


    it appears to work, at least for my one data set. To test I have taken the Drugs of Abuse data that ships with quant and simply assigned some of the standards as the sample and others as my standard addition levels. 

    Since each standard addition curve has only one sample that is not of type Cal this seems to work.

    As to the response showing as zero, I am not observing that with your template and the data I have. I do see that the calibration data file name is the same for all levels. You will need to get this information from CalibrationSTDPathName I believe.

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