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Where can I find the license openlab file in XP software.?

  • Hi,

    It's on the software itself. You can go to Openlab Control Panel -> Administration -> Licenses -> View Licenses.

    It might be a little different depending on the software you are using.


  • Hi Wolney

    thanks for your reply, this is old chemstation  revision 2004, we  don't have Openlab Control Panel icon  on desktop

    after I checked all programs -> chemstation ->    add license, I found the old license(can add or delete license)

    But I need take copy for license file and save it in flash memory.



  • Hi

    I can't remember where the license details are stored, but I can help you to find the license codes.

    Have a look at the Chemstation user guide:

    Page  60 shows you how to add licenses and on that screen you can see the license codes during initial set up, but I'm fairly sure that there should be an Add Licenses program available from the start menu.

    Does that help?


  • Hi Wydnaa

    Many thanks for your quick answer 

    Yes We can add licenses from the start menu, We plan to change the old XP PC with new PC and I want save a copy for license in case  happens any damage for license or other things.

    But I have two questions

    1-Can we change the old XP PC with new PC windows 7 ?

    2- Do we need license file or just license codes in Agilent ?

    thanks for PDF I will read it, I think it'll be useful.




  • Hi

    By the way Chemstation revision A.10.02 , 2004

  • Hi

    I think A.10.02 chemstation will not work with windows 7...

    For Windows XP, other chemstation version except open lab will work..

  • I think you just need the license codes.  As notes, I'm not convinced that this old version of Chemstation will run on Windows 7, either.  Best to ask an Agilent representative to get a definitive answer.

  • I think you are talking about Chemstation software, NOT OpenLab CDS Chemstation Edition software !

    In Chemstation software you just only need the licence numbers written on a piece of paper and then add it to a newer version of Chemstation software via program>chemstation>add instrument but for assurance please firstly install chemstation on a new PC and add the license numbers to it. After succeed you can leave old PC win XP

    For OpenLab CDS Chemstation Edition (Which I think you do not have it!) you would need registration in . But this is not your case because you only have Chemstation software revision A.10.02 , 2004.

    Regarding change the old PC Win XP with new PC Win 7, fortunately I find an old print screen from Agilent web site include a table of Compatibility of Chemstation software with Windows Operating System. (Please find the PDF file attached).

    As an answer to your question: According to the attached table, you will be able to install chemstation Rev. B.04.03 (November, 2010) which support for Windows 7 (32 bit). For older version of chemstation, I am not sure supporting Win 7.

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