Compatible Printers for MSD Chemstation

HI all,

Are all HP LaserJet printers compatible with MSD Chemstation? We have a Brother printer right now, but it doesn't have a driver that's compatible with the software(the reports don't print correctly). Agilent recommends HP printers, I just want to make sure if I go with HP that I'm not going to run into the same issue. The documents I find online about this seem to be outdated.


  • We've had lots of printer issues in the past.  To summarize, the print driver compatibility seems to be the most important aspect.  For us, PCL6 drivers do NOT work with our macros, so we prefer PCL5 compatible printers if we can get them or in a pinch we've found a universal print driver that has worked.

    Also, the M5xx series of HP printers seem to last longer and have less issues than the M6xx series.

  • If using a HP LaserJet printer, on windows7 and windows10 use the HP Universal Print Driver PCL6.

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