wrong timepoints for extracted data in spectra

we are using Chemstation to reprocess our LC-MS Data. We installed the software (in offline mode) on win10 and our computer for measurement is using Win7. We now got the problme that we cannot extrat the masses in the MS-spectrum. Because the timepoint for the selected peak is wrong. e.g.: When we chose "select spectrum at any time position" and  click at 0.796 min in our spectra  the shown report got the data for time = 2.519. It is quite randomly which timepoint in the spectra is set for the extracted data.  

Does anyone know this problem and have a solution for it?

Thank you and best regards

  • Hi ,

    Could you please verify that both computers are using the period '.' as the decimal separator, and not a comma, ','? It is difficult to tell, but it appears that the time given in the spectrum window is listed as 2,519 and not 2.519. Current versions of ChemStation will not run if the decimal separator is not set to be a period, but it is possible older versions may attempt to run in that configuration, but I'm not certain if that was ever a supported configuration.

    The setting can be found in the Region section of the Control Panel under Additional settings...

    If that doesn't appear to be the issue, could you please provide revision information for both version? This can be found in the Help->About menu. 

  • Hi Howard Sanford,

    thank you for your advise. Yes the format was wrong, I changed it now to "." instead of "," and now it works fine. Thank you very much, we troubled with this problem quite long and are really happy now that we got the solution.



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