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I am creating a monstrous all in one report in OpenLAB CDS 2.5 that can calculate USP <905> Content Uniformity Acceptance Values, Assay Values, Impurity Values calculated multiple different ways, and Retention Time ID.  I would like to try and keep this all in 1 report for ease of maintaining, and for analyst convenience however not all sections would apply all of the time.  Is there a way to set up the report to ideally exclude sections that don't have any data?  I am using the Injection_SampleLabel field to flag the data so it can be grouped into the correct sections.  My ideal outcome would be when the report is generated, if there are no samples for a given result section, that whole section would be skipped/omitted from the final report.  Is this possible, and if so, how?

If my ideal option is not possible, how can I go about setting the report up so that when there is no data for a given result section the report gives a text field stating that "No data for <section> present in this result sequence.  This section is not applicable and therefor blank." in place of the section?  What formatting options are there to make the text box eye catching and easy to spot?

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    You should be able to group the entire section and place a filter based on the content to remove the section. If that does not work you could use custom parameters like the sequence summary short report so the user could select the sections of the report they need. Also be aware that on your media in C:\Users\maradams\Downloads\M8490-10001\Setup\Tools\Support\UCL\Report Templates\LC Reports for pharmaceutical applications are Agilent reports for Content Uniformity USP and Assay USP. These might be useful to see options in the report templates.

    Marty Adams

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