USP <905> Content Uniformity

I am working on calculating USP <905> Content Uniformity within a report and I would like some feedback.  Our current practice has the calculation either performed by hand, or entered into a validated spreadsheet.  I have come up with the following code but I would like to know if there is a way to do this without using custom code.

Public Function CUAV(ByVal T As Double, ByVal Avg As Double, ByVal SD As Double) As Double
    Dim UL As Double
    Dim M As Double
    If T <= 101.5 Then
        UL = 101.5
        UL = T
    End If
    If Avg < 98.5 Then
        M = 98.5
        If Avg > UL Then
            M = UL
            M = Avg
        End If
    End If
    CUAV = (Abs(Avg - M) + (2.4 * SD))
    Return CUAV
End Function

In my report, I have a table assign the average and standard deviation of the compound amount as variables and the T value is taken from a compound custom field. 

  • Hello,

    I am sure you could do this as a series of hidden variables or nested iif statements in the tables. Look at the Content Uniformity USP report in the UCL on your install media. Also be aware that on your media in C:\Users\maradams\Downloads\M8490-10001\Setup\Tools\Support\UCL\Report Templates\LC Reports for pharmaceutical applications are Agilent reports for Content Uniformity USP and Assay USP. These might be useful to see options in the report templates.

    Marty Adams

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