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I am using Mass Hunter 10.2 Quant. My method uses second source QC which analyte concentrations varied and different to neither of calibration levels.  Does anyone know how to set up the QC limits with the outliers?


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    The most common QC outlier to use is the one that is labeled QC in the outlier list and allows you to specify the QC Max Dev. for each compound. Per the help file it is a single value used to set a +/- limit for the Calc. Conc. The outlier is displayed on the Calc. Conc. value in the batch table once it has an entry and is enabled.

  • Thank you, Howard_sanford.

    I have assigned one data file as QC in batch table, I can only select the QC level as one of the calibration levels. Then the expected concentration is the calibration level chosen. 

    in the method table , I can change the expected concentration manually. but can this change be saved?     Do I have to enter expected concentration every time if my QC sample concentration is different to calibration level? Where can I enter those expected concentration and save it for later QC refer to? 

    If we have drift check, performance check ...., more QC types than the software specified.  Can I create one QC type?

    Thanks again for your insight!

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    The QC sample types do not have to have the same level name as your cal sample types if they are at a different concentration. The assignments can be made in the Concentration Setup section of the method. The BenzosInUrine demo batch that ships with quant has an example of this. That batch only has one QC level, but there is no reason you can't have as many as you need, as far as I know. 

  • Got, Thanks Howard, 

    I can set up QCs the same way as adding calibration levels. and the concentration will be saved there.  

    Thanks a million 

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