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I would like to ask you for help with the following problems. I have done an analysis of the solvent which contains knowns impurities: imp 1, imp 2, imp 3, imp 4 and unknowns . To prepare the reference solution of known impurities the same solvent as tested solution is used. That means if chromatogram obtained with the test solution (solvent) have the same retention time as the peaks due to imp 1 – imp 4, the areas of such peaks must be subtracted from the peak areas at these retention times in the chromatograms obtained with reference solution (problem 1). And problem 2 to create  calibration curve for the corrected areas of the impurities. 

I am using OpenLab CDS v 2.5.


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    Could you use blank subtraction in the sequence that you use to build the calibration curve and then measure samples against this calibration curve without employing blank subtraction for the samples?



    Hi Andy

    Actually, I have tried blank subtraction but as the available options are “All injections” and “Sample only (excluding calibration standard)” it is not an option to resolve my problem. I have found the following answer to similar problem:

    How to deduct blank peak area from sample (or standard) peak area by peter.eros

    I have modified it as follows

    Which could resolve my problem to some extent but I not sure how to make a calibration curve using CC: CorrByBlank.

    Thanks for help.


  • Hello,

    You cannot use CC results in the standard DA calibrations. To use those corrected values you would need to do the RF calculation or regression in CC.

    Marty Adams

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