The mass hunter unknown can not generate sub-set report

Does anyone known that why my Masshunter 10.2 unknown Analysis can not generate sub set report?

According the tutorial, The unknown best hit template can report subset samples. but  mine can only report single sample. Does anyone has insight on this?


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  • 2 months ago in reply to LFL +1 verified


    I have been able to confirm that this template no longer supports the selected samples option with multiple samples selected. I would suggest trying either one of the Report Builder templates or one…

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  • Thank you, Howard_sanford.

    I am trying to generate an unknown report methods to report the  MassHunter unknown report batches ( sample group) using the "Unknowns_BestHit_B_07_00" Excel template shipping with the software. The Unknown batch was using the Unknown example provided with Masshunter 10.2 . 


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