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I have to upgrade my workstation with Windows 7 to Windows 10. So the entire PC has to be reinstalled.

Can I reinstall MassHunter with the same license codes?

With best regards, Arne

  • This can depend on which MassHunter program is being used, MassHunter often describes a suite of software.  In general LCMS and GCMS MassHunter Acquisition, Quantitative, and Qualitative won't have a problem with a re-install.  ICPMS MassHunter may require the license to be regenerated if the computer MAC address changes (no likely in your situation) or if the computer name changes (can happen with OS re-installs).  Naming the computer the same name can avoid licenses problems for ICPMS MassHunter systems.

    If it is ICPMS and the computer MAC or name is changed, the Agilent Subscribenet can be used to return and re-issue the license online.

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