I am receiving this error message: Can't launch the instrument. ChemStation command returned error: STATUS_WAIT_2

This is the error message I receive upon trying to open OpenLab (online) and (offline) for operating our GC.  The version of the OpenLab appears to be Version C.01.09.  We are operating Windows 10 Pro.


I'm not sure how this problem arose as I was in quarantine for COVID when it occurred.

I did run the SVR and recieved the following as a missing file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent Technologies\ChemStation\core\launchcs.exe

I'm not sure as to where to locate this file.


Any help in resolving this issue would be much appreciated.



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  • Hello,

    The launchcs.exe should be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Agilent Technologies\ChemStation\core folder, but obviously it is not there on your system. The most common explanation for why the file is missing is that it was removed or quarantined by an antivirus software. I would check to see if the file can be restored from your antivirus' user interface if that is the case. If it was your AV that caused the problem, then you will need to configure exclusions in you AV program so that it does not interefere with any ChemStation files in the future. A detailed explanation for how to do this can be found in the Workstation Installation Guide under the Post Installation Tasks section. 

    If the file was deleted through some other circumstance and cannot be recovered, then I would recommend that you try to run a repair on the software from the installation media by right-clicking on the setup.bat file on disk 1 and selecting the option to "Run as administrator". Then navigate to the maintenance menu in the master installer and select the repair option. 

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