new PC and authorization code

Hi community

We're planning to change the five old computers that used to run GC

I have some questions.


We need authorization code to use in ( )to get new license for new PC but the problem all five envelopes mixed so Can I know authorization code for each GC from openlab software or PC? Or another way to solve this problem.

2-We have C01.07 and C01.06 version so Should we request window 7  software? Is version C01.09 and C01.10 used  window 10  software?

3- Can we use same disks (openlab ) for one GC to install in four GC in case lost or Damage disks?


  • Hello,

    1. So have all of your authorization codes not already been registered to your subscribenet account? Usually with a new order you would register all authorization codes in your subscribenet account when you receive them so that they are available in the future when generating license files. If you are unsure if they have already been registered or not, then you can always try registering them all again. Subscribenet will only allow you to register any given authorization code to one account, so if they have already been registered you will receive a message that tells you this. 

    2. The first revision of OpenLab ChemStation that was supported on Windows 10 was C.01.07 SR3. Every OpenLab ChemStation release after C.01.07 SR3 is also supported on Win10. Depending on what service release your C.01.07 systems are running on, they might be supported on Win10, but your C.01.06 systems definitely will not work on Win10 and you will want to upgrade.

      Please note that in place OS upgrades are not supported with OpenLab Software. This means that if you want to update your OS from Win7 to Win10 you will want to uninstall OpenLab ChemStation first, then reinstall it after your system is on WIn10. 

    3. Yes, you can use the same installation disks for multiple workstations if you want them all to run on the same version. The software entitlement comes from the license file that is generated on subscribenet, so as long as you have enough OpenLab ChemStation workstation licenses of the correct version(s) to entitle all of your workstation installations then you should be fine. 

  • Hi 

    Thanks for your reply

    How can I  check in  Subscribenet  if all these license are available.

    Unfortunately I have no experience in Subscribenet , Is there an explanation with the pictures(PDF,...…)




  • Hi 

    After I checked my subscribenet  account and try  register all authorization codes ,a message appeared "This Authorization code has already been registered"

    Is that mean the person Who installed openlab registered all authorization codes and just he can regenerate license?



  • Hello,

    The question is whether or not those licenses are already registered to your subscribenet account or if they were registered to another subscribenet account. 

    For subscribenet support questions, I recommend that you send an email to and they should be able to determine which account the authorization codes are registered under. 

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