Intelligent Report Summary Calculation unfunctional


I have create the Peak Area of one compound as a new value and save expression as "MethylP" then I add the new column as edit formula as "Peak Area/MythylP".

So once I have done the expression creation the Summary Calculation was unfunctional, I try to add Val or CDbl in formula it still not possible to calculate summary.

I use OpenLAB EZ Chrom A.04.08.

May I have ad advice on this case.

  • Hello,

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    This is normal behavior to see when working with Intelligent Reports and expressions containing variables. Summary calculations can only be performed on numeric values and variables/aggregators can confuse the IR Engine. Using the val() or FormatNumber() functions can sometimes get you around this, but it is not guaranteed. If you check the value format properties of the column, is the value formatted as a numeric? If not, try changing it and then click on Apply and OK. Then go back into the column properties and try setup summary calculations. This might work, but be warned that the next time you edit the column properties the value format might revert back to default and you will run into this problem again. 

    To get around this you can save the column's value as an aggregator and then add text field below the table to report the summary calculation results using that aggregator. 

  • Hi 

    I would go with the last suggestion that  makes and save the calculated value as an aggregator variable and then get the summary calculations in text fields below the table.


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