HPLC raw data export in CDS2.4

So we are trying to export raw spectral data from HPLC to excel or CSV file.  I've found old discussions saying this is not possible in 2.4, Is that still true?

Exporting the pictures from Open lab does not give us publishable quality files. Any intel or suggestions appreciated.. Bev

  • Hello,

    For OpenLAB CDS 2.4 and above you can export data under Processing Method > Tool > Post Processing Plugin 

    So you can select 4 types of data file that you prefer.

    • AIA export (OpenLab CDS v2 raw data and peak results as netCDF format (revision 3.4) according to AIA Chromatography Data Standard Specification V1.0)
    • ChemStation export (.D/.ch format)
    • CSV export (Exports OpenLab CDS v2 raw data as comma separated values in .csv file format)
    • OpenLab CDS2 raw data export (native .dx files for ACE

    Export Data CDS 2.X

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