No option to "Browse" for a data processing method in sequence table

I am operating ChemStation in the offline mode to process data for an HPLC run. When I open the sequence table and go to Insert/Filldown Wizard there is no option to browse for methods; only the methods already present as options are available. I have never seen this happen before. I cannot select "browse" when I click on individual sample rows, either. Any thoughts?

  • Hello,

    What revision of ChemStation are you running. You can determine this by going to Help>About. 

    Since reprocessing can only be performed with Sequence Methods (AKA methods that have been copied into the result set folder), it makes sense that only sequence methods would populate in the filldown wizard. If you want to select a new method it will first need to be added as a sequence method to the result set. If the option to do this is not available in the offline sequence table in your version of ChemStation then you should be able to do this by going to Sequence>Reprocess With Different Method. 

  • U can restart computer and instrument then open offline mode of chemstation if this problem came suddenly..

  • Thanks for the advice. I was able to Reprocess w/Diff Method, however its not actually reprocessing the data. After reprocessing the Sequence Method is the same as the Acquisition Method, when really it should have the method I selected for reprocessing. Seems like a software glitch. I'm going to try and call Agilent!

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