Macro in Enviroquant Chemstation

We are using Chemstation Data Analysis for Dual column GC data.  If results from both columns are greater that 25% RPD, that line is marked with an pound sign (#) in the quantitated report printout.  That's the standard in the macro.  We need to change the calculation and printout (footer) on the report to reflect > 50% RPD.  The logic for this is in a macro, epa.mac I believe.  Although the limit can be changed from 0.25 to 0.5 in the calculation line and the text is changed in the footer string, the 25% calculation and footer printer text remain as the original.  Only thing I see by remarking out lines and testing is coding like " _$(32206" seem to prevent my changes from becoming active.  Short of it is the change needs to be done from 25% to 50% RPD, and the quant report needs to flag and reflect that.  Any ideas on how to change the macro effectively are appreciated. 

Here's the code I think needs to be changed:

IF Abs((t_amt-cal_pk_amt)/t_amt) > 0.25
     mod$ = "#"

     ltemp$=_$(32206," (f)=RT Delta > 1/2 Window (#)=Amounts differ by > 25% (m)=manual int.") 

Thanks for any advise or info on this.  Happy Holidays!

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