Chemstation did not complete its initialization cycle.

Hello everyone,

When starting my GC-MS chemstation software I get the following error message "Chemstation did not complete its initialization cycle." Then the attached icstart1.log file pops up.

Any insights on how to fix this?

  • Fabio,

    Here is the error.

    MSD597xSHAREDDLL = dllinstall(_exepath$ + "MSD597xShared.dll")
    MSD: Communications Error: Download command timed out ('SLICK_BEGIN||ABCDEF12')
    Error connecting to MSD from Mscfg - SCIL Download command timed out
    Friday, December 11, 2020 9:24:37 AM
        Macro: LOADMS, Cmd: MSD597xSHAREDDLL = dllinstall(_exepath$ + "MSD597xShared.dll")
        Msg: Download command timed out

    This could be corrupt firmware on the smartcard, wrong firmware on smartcard, or hardware problem with the smartcard. We would suggest you contact your local Agilent Online Technical Support for phone support for possible resolutions for the issue.

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