Final Mass Calculations (w/w) in OpenLabs CDS

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So in openlabs CDS you can enter in mulitpliers, dilution factors, and sample amount.  For the final concentration, however, we want results in ug/g.  The system lets you enter multipliers, dilution factors, and sample amount but it wont divide by the sample amount to calculate our final concentration.  I know you can set the system to multiply by multipliers and divide by dilution factor and this would be a quick fix but is there another way we can do some custom calculations or some other work around?  If i could just change the name of the dilution factor column to sample amount in the software that would be nice too but im not sure if that is possible.  Any suggestions?

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    Yes you can do a custom calculation either as a CCF or in IR. The sample amount can be used in the standard DA but only for mass %. 


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    The simple answer, as showed above, is to put the sample weight in the Sample amount column and tick the Calculate mass% box in the General tab of the calibration settings part of the processing method.  You only need to take care of the units, using the same "mass" units in both your calibration levels and in sample amount.  You can always use the compound multiplier in the Compound Table if you need to compensate for a mismatch in the units.


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