pdf Report Builder decimal places and multiple chromatograms per page

Dear all,

I am trying to customize an existing template in the pdf report builder version 10.1.

I have two unsovled problems.

1. How can I define the number of decimal places for eg. RT, Calc. Conc., Area...?

I was able to change it for 'Accuracy': I am not sure if it was correct but it worked (see appendix: Format: #.#), but this procedure did not work for the other columns.


2. I would like to show multiple chromatorgams on one page (eg. 4 in a row and 6 in a column, comparable to the "compounds-at-a-glance" function on the MH Quant software).

In  best case: one row compound chromatrograms and the next row the respective internal standard chrom.

or alternating (e.g. compound sample 1, ISDT sample 1, compound sample 2, ISDT sample 2 etc). .

At the moment I get only one sample per page (commpound and ISTD chrom. side by side). How can I change this?


Could someone help me?

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  • Hi ,


    Number formatting in Report Builder follows the standard formatting for Microsoft .NET. You can find all available options here for numbers. They give examples for specific programming languages…

  • Hi ,


    Number formatting in Report Builder follows the standard formatting for Microsoft .NET. You can find all available options here for numbers. They give examples for specific programming languages, but all you need is the syntax of the format specifier to make something work in report builder. So if you wanted to follow their fixed point example (f) you would simply specify the format of the desired field to be f2 for 2 decimal places.


    Select the cell you want to change the formatting on. If there is anything in the Binding Name/Field Name under Field Format blank those out, and then enter the formatting you want to use in the Format field.



    As for the chromatograms that may be possible in Report Builder but it would require some very elegant and carefully made bindings in order to extract more than one result row at a time for one table/list row. You may be able to get some ideas from this discussion, though I don't think you can apply what they have done directly to your issue.


    I have attached a report template made by one of our Application Engineers that shows how to get a target and its ISTD on one row. Again I'm not certain you can use this to do exactly what you want, but it may give you some ideas of things to try. 

  • Hi  Howard,

    thank you very much!

    It works fine for the decimal places! I am very happy with that! Is there also an option that zeros are displayed at the last decimal place? Now, a 2.00 ist displayed as 2 and a 1.30 as 1.3, although I have defined two decimal places. It is not that important, but it would be 'nice to have'.

    Concerning the chromatograms: unfortunately, this is not exactly what I was looking for.

    My problem is: I have only one compound and the ISTD in my sample. With my currrent template, the report shows the sample information (e.g. here: the chromatogram, the compound peak and the ISTD peak) in one row. Behind, I have a page brake and the results of the next sample are displayed on the next page and so on. Approx. Two-third of my pages are empty.

    I have tried to apply your template. It works for the "DrugofAbuse" file with multiple compound in one sample, but for my sample results, I have the same page brakes as in my template... 

    In the best case would like to have the results of various samples on one page.

    (e.g. see appendix page 2)


    Best regards,


  • ,


    I do not observe that behavior with the fixed point (f) formatter. I have tested on the injection volume and without that specifier I get 5 and with it I get 5.00. This also agrees with the examples in the Microsoft documentation.


    Are you certain that what you are trying to format is a number and not text? Did you make certain to remove the format binding and field name? 


    As for the reporting for your chromatograms, I have attached a modification of the summary template Gen_ResultsSummary_ISTD.template.xml. I have not done extensive testing and I'm not 100% certain on the bindings/list/table settings I used, but for the DOA data it will produce the following.

    sample peaks in summary 4.template.xml.zip
  • Hi Howard,

    thank you very much!

    I don't know what was intitially wrong with the decimal places (may be I did not delete all format bindings) but It works now.

    The template for the chromatogramms is perfect! Thank you very much.

    Best regards,




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