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I have a processing method where there is some calibration amount entered for a compound. When I am processing a sequence where there are no standards, only QC checks, I cannot get the Compound_CalibAmount values from the processing method and use it in reporting. Is there a way?

Thank you


  • Hi Martin,

    I think I had the same issue and came to the following resolution in Openlab CDS 2.3. I created a custom calculation using the field "CurrentCalibrationCurve.Amount(x)" where x is the calibration level used. From here, I created a second custom calculation referencing the above calculation to calculate a value for % recovery relative to my standard amount. Both of these custom calcs can be used in the reporter without issue. Hope this helps.

    - Stephen

  • thank you. 

    that is a solution, fixing the level in the calculation. possibly combination of this answer and answer from martin.adams - adding custom compound parameter. then either this parameter is a cal level or the conc itself if different from calibration

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