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I have a processing method where there is some calibration amount entered for a compound. When I am processing a sequence where there are no standards, only QC checks, I cannot get the Compound_CalibAmount values from the processing method and use it in reporting. Is there a way?

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  • I am assuming at some point calibration sample were run? Calib_amount will always be blank if the sample type is NOT calibration. The way to calculate the QC amount back to the originals calibration results is shown below.


    You can save the calibration result into the Master Method and then calculate the QC and unknowns against that previously saved calibration curve when you load and link that Master method to the results set. Then in a report have a conditional format to flag QCs that fall outside of acceptable parameters.


    So methodology is as follows:


    1. Process calibration data with appropriate linked method to create calibration curve

    2. Save method AND update Master Method (This saves the calibration curve to the Master Method)

    3. Close this data

    4. Open another sequence with the QCs and sample in it, no calibrators

    5. Load and link the same method as just saved to Master

    6. You can read the "Amount" from the QC check


    See screenshot.


    Hope that helps

  • when no calibration samples in sequence, the calibration_amount is not available. that has been already said here

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