Can OpenLab CDS Chemstation and MassHunter co-exist on same GC-MS?


Our lab has a GC-MS (7890B/5977B) system which uses MassHunter version B.07.01 SP1. We recently installed a FID on the system to run FID analysis separate from the MS. We are finding that MassHunter is not as suitable to use for FID analysis in comparison to Chemstation when it comes to data processing (Report templates & MassHunter qual analysis are geared towards MS data).

Is it possible to install OpenLab CDS Chemstation C.01.09 on this GC-MS data system to both acquire and process FID data?

Is it possible to acquire data on MassHunter B.07.01 then transfer data to a system which has OpenLab CDS Chemistation C.01.09 and process the data?

Which software should is recommended for FID analysis on a MS system?

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