Column and detector module shutdown


To save solvents during running our 2690 Inifinity II UHPLC system, we've created a shutdown method which will be acquired after the sequence set  is completed. During running this method all modules stay on (detector, column compartment, MLS and binary pump) and system keeps pumping 0.05 ml/minute with a stop time of +/- 4000 minutes.


Next workingday we want to stop the shutdown method and then sent the current acquisition method to the system to equilibrate the HPLC. When clicking 'stop method' in OpenLab CDS 2.5, or clicking 'stop' on the instrument pilot, the column and detector module are shutdown. Is there a procedure or setting to keep the modules in idle status without shutting down the drivers?


We don't use the lamp off instrument setting.


Thank you very much!

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