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I wanted to reprocess part of the recorded chromatograms and printed out only the results from the selected chromatograms on an IR template as PDF.

The report name was specified in the "Summary report Name" of the "Sequence output".

I selected the chromatograms in the table partial sequence and processed them. The created PDF file contained the complete chromatograms of the sequence run, but not the selected ones which I would like to get.

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OpenLab-Chemstation C.01.06

  • Thank you for the quick answer


    the sequence run was quite long. Recalibration of the method was necessary for analysis of the selected chromatograms in the later bracketting groups. A couple of statistic calculations was to be done on the IR template. --> not able to work in the review mode.


    ECM is installed. Could you please be more specific how I can store the data of the selected chromatograms after partial reprocessing ?


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  • Hello,


    Why would you not use the review mode in Chemstation? You should be able to create your reports for select injections  in one dataset or multiples in the review mode without and reprocessing needed. In your version, only a few of the live system values are not available when the report is created in review. Those values only apply if you have a backend content manger like ECM. Only ff you needed that information would I suggest creating the report by using a partial reprocessing. In the review mode you can select the runs you want from your datasets and apply any IR reports you would like to create.


    Marty Adams


  • Hello Marty,

    I have created a couple of IR templates capturing the complete data processing at our lab. Entries, like sample name, weighing amount and those of the refering ref.standard, were necessary to fill in at the analysis start. Analytical results are presented on the report in the appropriate formate and design for the subsequent use, e.g. for creating the certificate of analysis. No more calculation with external software, e.g. Excel, is necessary.

    The data processing is not able to be conducted by the proposed way using the Agilent templates.

    The templates muss be protected against uncontrolled changes, ideally by password. Would that be possible ?

    The OpenLab C.01.06 is operated under Windows 7. No password protection of the IR template folder  is possible without installing an external software which is no option for us to do this.

    I notice that only those IR templates which are stored in the folder C:\ChemStation32\Reportstyle are able to be chosen in the sequence output for result reporting. Is it possible to switch to other folders for browsing the templates ? ideally from the ECM. We have the software installed.

    The templates have benn modified several times after the first creation. The audit trail tracks the changing by increasing the version number. How can I re-start with version numberring 01 when the template is implemented fort he routine use.

    Thank you for ideas and comments.

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  • Hi 

    If you're using authentication with OpenLab Chemstation, you could ensure that your users are not able to edit report templates by removing that privilege from their roles.

    I'm not aware of any other way to provide password protection.

    Don't think that you can use ECM to provide secure storage of the report templates.

    I think that you might be able to restart the version numbering by saving the template as a new template.

    Hope that helps a little.


  • Thank you Andy for the quick reply.

    Is there a specific role for user in the ChemStation which allows to edit the IR template ? If yes, I will ask the Admiistrator to click off the button for lab operators.

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  • Hi

    Looks like the Chemstation Analyst role has Modify Report as a privilege, at least in C.01.10.  Can't say whether it is the same in your version.

    You could duplicate the Chemstation Analyst role, remove this privilege and apply that to the general users that had this role previously.


  • Hello,

    The modify report effects more than just the ability to use the editor so be aware it will effect the method options as well. The users will lose access to change the reports in the method. You have 3 options 

    1) Take away access to the report template layout view

    2) Take away Modify Report

    3) Lock the report items and make sure users do not have the lock/unlock items privilege


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