How to quickly generate Standard Deviation report with Chemstation Classic Reporting



Do you know Chemstation does have a built-in template to quickly calculate standard deviation, relative standard deviation and even 95% confidence interval ? Pretty sure you need the standard deviation for your Limit of Detection Calculation or simply get an idea of how scattering your data are. Check this video out for the details.


How to Calculate Standard Deviation | Excel vs Chemstation - YouTube 





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    Nice information for RSD calculation in Chemstation.

    refer above link.

  • Hi Peter

    I found your video very helpful but I had a further question. Is there a way to do the standard deviation for both peaks? For example, I am working on USP <611> Alcohol Determination. I am trying to have a summary or report show the standard deviation in the ratio of the peak of alcohol to the peak of the internal standard. Do you have any helpful videos or posts regarding this specific question?

    Thank you

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