Seq and report info changed after upgrading to C.01.10

We recently updated our PCs to Windows 10 and at the same time upgraded from C.01.07 to C.01.10 OpenLab Chemstation.  I've noticed a few differences that I am wondering if I can change somehow.


1.  The sequence printout has changed from a simple one line per sample with location and sample name that would print a multipage report for a normal sequence to a ridiculously long printout.  What was a 5 to 6 page sequence print out is now like 20 pages long.  Is there a way to use the old sequence report format?

2.  We typically use the short report format when printing our data and the new version prints our full name where the older version would print our initials.  We need the initials to be printed so that the LIMS will recognize the operator.  I know on this one I can go into the control panel and remove the full name and replace with initials but not sure why they changed this from the operator ID to the operator name.





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