What is the future for Openlab Chemstation?

We have a new 8860 GC with Openlab CDS (VL) vs 2.3 software. This software does not have the functionality of Chemstation A.10.02 that we use on our 6890 GC. What is the future for Openlab Chemstation, someone showed it to me and it looked like it works similar to the old Chemstation with the same functionality. I was however advised that Openlab Chemstation is not available to new users anymore and that it is being phased out, what would your comments be on this? The Openlab CDS is a lot more difficult to work with, takes longer for results to be generated and the calibration functions I need is not available.

We have about 40 components in one calibration but the compounds are in 3 separate mixtures. With Openlab you cannot have different mixture for one calibration, for Chemstation you can. With Openlab we have to use 3 processing methods for each run, then type in all results in the order they should be in.  For me it is a huge step backwards to go from Chemstation to OpenLab CDS. I need some independent advice please.

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