No connection between GC and PC with LAN

HI every one 

  my chem station software for My gc 7890a agilent instrument has some open problems so I'll uninstalled it and when I'll installe it once again Ihad som problems with LAN connection  as  in picture below can any one make advice to me to resolve this problem or send my any document to  learn how to instill the software correctly 

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  • Hi Abtisam

     do you see the green communication LED even turns on when the cable is plugged in,we faced same this problem and we solve it by change the connection cable.

    then you can check IP for  GC &PC. for example if IP for GC the PC IP the last number from 1 to 225

    we can find the IP for PC by:

    Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center, click on Change adapter settings on the left side. Highlight and right click on Ethernet, go to Status -> Details. The IP address will display. you we see image like below
     you see IP PC so IP GC must
    To find IP GC 

     Go to options, then communication on the GC front panel.  From here you can see what the address currently is, and you can also change it .you can ask IT department to help you.then you should got successful ping the GC.


    I hope this help you to solve the problem
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    I am going to second 's recommendations. The first thing you are going to have to do is verify the IPv4 configuration of the PC NIC and the GC LAN and then confirm that you can ping the GC from the PC. If you cannot ping the GC then you will need to determine what is preventing communication between the PC and the GC. 

  • Hi Theyaaldeen

     Thank you   for your god and   excellent  informations  Idid it all and the connection is work but after 2 minutes the software is shut down and  the remot sing in the GC key bad off "" as the picture below. Can you pleas advice me to resolve this problem pleas ?? 

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  • Hi Abtisam

    After the software shut down do you try to shut down GC and PC ,then turn on GC first then turn on PC second ,on our lab we solve this problem by  this doing.

    do you ping you GC after this problem.

    To day morning we faced exactly this problem .when turn on GC and PC the GC give ready status in keypad but in PC software give not ready

    and remote LED off  see below image

    so to solving first we change Ethernet cable but this not solve the problem.

    second we restore PC again this was not useful.

    but the puzzling issue we can ping the GC


  • HI Theyaaldeen 

     yes i try'd  to shutdown the PC and open the GC before but it doesn't work 

    , some one tall us that may the problem with the PC windows that we work  with it ,

    by the way can me ask you abut of using the instrument Key bad to load the parameters of ( oven ,column,flow .......eta) without using PC software  ???  this think I want to do to Know if the  instrument working good or not

    or its internal software is working      




  • Hi Abtisam

    My recommendations for you 

    1- restore you PC to the earlier point when GC work fine ,this very useful to solve problem connection between GC and PC and we used it many many times in our lab.

    2- replace Ethernet cable to crossover cable, this problem happened to me last month and  Mr.ryboyle recommended my to change Ethernet cable to crossover cable and this solved the problem directly,you can ask IT department to help you in these recommendations.

    you can using GC keypad to  load, store, and run a method  or sequence without the use of an Agilent data system. The keypad can be used to select and run a method or automated sequence stored in the GC and run it.

    for more information about using keypad in GC7890A please see this link 





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