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I have both a 7693A ALS and a 7696A workbench. When I bought the 7693A I was told that the programing for the mixing steps would look the same as for the 7696A programming yet that in not correct. Currently in MassHunter (version B.07.06.2704) I am able to set up the 7693A through the Sample Prep editor, which you have to add steps in line by line, but this does not look like the flowsheet menu for 7696A. Furthermore I am not able to set up a program that will make my sample, then inject it, then sequentially go to the next sample and inject it.


All my talks with Agilent tech support have not gone well. They say that I should have a screen on my 7693A that looks like 7696A. Also I have asked is there is another program I need to get this menu but I have not received an answer. Lastly I have requested templates to the sample prep programs yet Agilent says that there aren't any.


Does anyone out there have any helpful information concerning this?

  • Hi pulsebird1

    We also have the 7693A ALS which we bought prior to the launch of the 7696A. We have been very disappointed with Agilent essentially dropping any support for anyone who wants to do anything other than use the 7693A as an injector even though we expected support when we bought it.

    Things I know/have found out

    • There is a sample preparation program you can buy that has a graphical interface that allows you to program the 7693A. I am assuming that this is similar to the flowsheet menu of the 7696A that you mention.
    • I was told that this sample preparation program only works with GC software such as OpenLab or GC Chemstation not MassHunter.
    • Even the single sample preparation template given as an example with the MassHunter software has errors in it and I have never been able to get it to work.
    • Things done on the 7696A do not transfer easily to the 7693A or so I was told.


    I gave up many years ago trying to do anything with the 7693A other than inject but still would be very interested if anything comes out of this.



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