Has anyone managed to replace the Vis lamp on a cary 5000 UV-Vis spectrometer? Had no luck folowing the manual's instructions.

After removing the central screw, turning the compartment counter clockwise should allow you to lift it out of the instrument.

this does not happen. it turns but it does not move vertically.

  • Hello filippas:


    Step 6
    Gently twist the lamp turret (anti-clockwise) to free it.
    Gently lift the lamp assembly from the instrument.


    The instructions are correct; there are not tricks or hints.  It may require a more force than 'gently' lifting the assembly.  





  • Dear Mike,


    Have you personally tried to apply the steps you mentioned successfully?


    Because neither I, nor the trained technician of the company that supplied the instrument managed to take out the lamp compartment.





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  • Hello Filippas:


    I have replaced the vis lamp based on these instructions.  It required quite a bit of effort.  At this point you should contact your Agilent office for repair options.


    Best Regards,



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