UV-Vis Configuration Editor Error: No HPCHEM directory found

Hello all! 

I recently re-installed ChemStation (B.05.02) for my 8453 UV-Vis Spectrometer. Unfortunately, when I try to install the UV-Vis Configuration Editor to complete the install, I get the following error:

No HPCHEM directory found!

Add the item 'Path' to the PCS section in win.ixi!

I made some changes to the win.ixi file so it looked more like one described here: https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/support/documents/a05101.pdf, except I substituted the MS for UV, and I still get the error. 

Does anyone have any advice?


  • Hello  ,

    I have moved this to the Molecular Spectroscopy forum for better visibility. 

  • Steps to possibly resolve the “No HPCHEM directory found” error try these three options:

    1. Check the ChemStation Version Compatibility:
    Ensure that the UV-Vis Configuration Editor version you’re trying to install is compatible with your ChemStation version (B.05.02). Sometimes, mismatched versions can cause issues.
    If needed, consider updating your ChemStation to a more recent version (e.g., B.05.03 or later) as it might include bug fixes and improvements.

     (To check the version of your UV-Vis Configuration Editor, follow these three steps:)

      A. Launch UV-Vis ChemStation:
        Open the Agilent UV-Vis ChemStation software on your computer.

      B. Navigate to the Configuration Editor:
        Look for a menu option or toolbar icon related to configuration settings. It may be labeled as “Configuration Editor” or something similar.
        Click on it to open the Configuration Editor.

      C. Check the Version Information:
        Once the Configuration Editor is open, you should see version information displayed somewhere within the interface.
        Look for details such as the software version number (e.g., B.05.02) or any other relevant version identifiers.

    2. Verify the win.ixi File:
    You mentioned modifying the win.ixi file. Double-check your changes to ensure they are correct.
    Specifically, make sure you’ve added the correct path to the HPCHEM directory in the PCS section of win.ixi.
    If you’re unsure, refer to the official Agilent documentation or the link you provided for guidance on configuring the win.ixi file.

    3. NTFS File System Requirement:
    The UV-Vis ChemStation must be installed on a file system that uses NTFS.
    If your target drive/partition is not NTFS, consider converting it to NTFS before proceeding with the installation.

    4. Reinstall the UV-Vis Configuration Editor:
    Uninstall the UV-Vis Configuration Editor completely.
    Reboot your system.
    Reinstall the UV-Vis Configuration Editor, ensuring that you follow the installation procedure.

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