Cary60 - Struggling to retrieve good spectrums using 10ul ultra-microcell


I have recently purchased the 10ul ultra-microcell Part Number:

6610013800 for use with the Cary60.
I am struggling to get spectrums of any chemical using this. I have tried aligning to the best of my ability. The only spectrums I achieve are the highly unstable fluctuating spectrum at 10 Abosrbance or a complete flatline absorbance of 0.
Can anyone suggest what the problem could be? 
  • Hello:

    Remove the cell and run the Instrument Performance tests in the Validate application of the software.


    It's possible there are air bubbles in the cell. Reputedly wash wit isopropyl alcohol, followed by your solvent



    If they pass, scan at 500 nm or Zero order. The light beam will be visible by placing a a small white piece of paper, (e.g., business card. verify that the beam of light is passing through the aperture of the cell.


    Finally, zero the cell on your solvent and scan your sample.



  • Thank you for your response Mike. 

    The instrument passes without the cuvette. The cuvette is still experiencing the same issues despite your recommendation. I am unsure if this is relevant, but when I align the sample, the detector only receives approx 18% transmission. The light beam is visible but not as intense and worsens if I try to realign manually.



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