UV-Vis 8453 cannot boot up/Powerfail

Hi All,

We have a UV-Vis 8453 in the lab, that cannot boot up recently. We speculated it to be caused by a power blip/surge.

When we pressed the power switch, the green LED would flicker once and stay off, so did the front panel LED stay off. So I opened the rear box and try to locate the issue. Shortly saying, I found that the power switch LED can stay on as long as the cable between the SLS board and SPM board was unplugged. So I wonder if it is the defective SLS board causing the issue. However, the munual said that if "the power switch LED flickering, front LED off, shutter not click " means the SPM board was not connected to MPS (power supply). Also, on the next page it indicated that "front LED red" would mean Spectrophotometer lamp power supply (SLS) board disconnected or defective" or "lamp door sensor defective". So I am a little bit confused.

How should I interpret my situation "Power switch LED flicker once and off, Front LED off, shutter not click" and "Power switch LED stay green when the SLS was disconnected from SPM"?

Would simply replacing a SLS board solve the problem? Also the webpage for this SLS board (G1103-69502) says "Obsolete. Replaced by G1103-66502". But for UV-vis 8453, I should use this one (G1103-69502), right?


Great thanks for any ideas and suggestions.


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