FTIR Cary 630 - Simethicone Identification

Hello everybody,

I have a problem in the identification of simethicone capsules. I am currently following the USP method, which indicates that I should use the standard solution, blank and sample solution according to the assay, therefore, the samples are diluted in toluene, circa 2,5 mg/mL.

I have created a new library and added the spectra of standard and blank. The problem is when I compare the spectra from the library with the spectra from a recently prepared standard I get good similarity results in both the comparision standard-standard and standard-blank. This way I can´t properly identify simethicone in a quantitative way, because there is no significant difference between the responses. Also, the scalling is not helping me to do a qualitative comparision, because It is auto-scaled (0 to 1). Is there any way to fix the false positive result and to adjust the graffic scaling?

First one is standard, second one is blank.

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