Block temperature 999 °C on Cary360


our Agilent Cary630 IR spectrometer has a problem that we do not understand.
In the diagnostic panel, the "block temperature" is 999 °C (see image).
Surprisingly we could not find any information about this in both the manual of the instrument  and the software.We do not even understand what temperature is actually measuring (block..which block? the ATR unit?)

We tried to shut off everything and remove the power to the intrument, but nothing changed.

Can you help up ?

  • In some cases, this issue can be resolved by re-setting the instrument firmware. To reset the instrument firmware please do the following:

    1. Exit out of the Microlab PC SW. 

    2. Disconnect the instrument from the PC.

    3. Shut the instrument down (the power button either has no light or it is RED.) 

    4. Disconnect the instrument from the power source (unplug it from the wall.)

    5. Leave it unplugged for ~1 minute.

    6. Plug the instrument back in and then power it up. 

    7. After the power button has gone GREEN, Connect the instrument to the PC and start the Microlab PC SW. 

    8. Check the Diagnostics section of the Microlab PC SW.

    Most likely it will be cleared, if not, it the instrument may need to be serviced. 

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