Cary 60 (WinUV 5.0) vs Cary 100 (WinUV 4.20)

Hi All,

Question 1:

I have 2 spectrophotometers: Cary 60 operating WinUV 5.0 and Cary 100 operating WinUV 4.20.

Is it possible to upgrade the software version in Cary 100 to WinUV 5?

Question 2:

Can Agilent provide software validation evidences? E.g. security profiles, automatic logout timeout, etc.

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Anna,

    WinUV 5.x is only used for Cary 60 and 4.x for Cary 100 - they are instrument specific. As Cary 100 WinUV 4.x is getting obsoleted there's no upgrades sold anymore. Cary 60 latest and greatest is WinUV 5.1.3 for Windows 10. 

    If you need 21CFR specific environment, we have a Pharma package upgrade that ensures full 21CFR compliance (audit trails, electronic signatures, profile/user management, data saved in encrypted databases, etc.).

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