Cary Win-UV with Cary 100 saving file error


We have a Cary 100 UV-Vis with Cary Win-UV 4.2 build 468 software and we have a saving file error when we open the data and try to sign it and/or when the measurement ends. It is installed with SQL express and used with SDA at the installation the database size was set to 6GB (because the express can handle 10GB as I know, but as I know the SDA can only handle 4GB). The current size in the database 5.5 GB. Does this means that the express/SDA can only handle 4-5GB that is the max limit of the database? If so we have to create a new DB? 

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  • Hi Gabor,

    the database size in SDA is dynamic and will grow with the amount of data added up to 10 Gb. If you set it to 6, there is 6 Gb of diskspace allocated to this database, while not yet “filled” with data. As soon as you reach the configured “limit” the database will keep increasing size up to 10 Gb.

    That said, I usually advice my customers to divide the database per year for example to prevent large databases and make db maintenance more efficient (attaching, dettaching, creating back ups, etc.). 
    You might want to troubleshoot this issue by creating a fresh db and save and sign there.

    If you keep finding errors, make some screenshots and reach out to your local Agilent customercare team with that data. Error messages can have details which are important for troubleshooting, so if you take screenshots: please open the errors by clicking on the detail/stack trace/inner error buttons at the bottom of the pop-up window to show them.

  • Hi Akram, 

    Thanks for the answer, now it makes sense. My bt was thath it is the best to open a new DB periodically. 



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