How to align the 5cm gas cell.

How to align the 5cm gas cell? When placed in the transmission housing on the support , most of the signal is being cut, seems to need a pre alignment setup, how do we know if we have the correct support?

  • Hi CarryIC,

    assuming you are using the correct cylindrical cell (part no. 6610002200, in the cylindrical cell holder G6869A) I think no alignment should be necessary. I would check the light throughput by setting the instrument to zero order (visible light) and check with a white card in front of the detector (red arrow). You should be able to see the white light patch, not sure how it looks when the cylindrical cell is in the holder though. But light shouldn't be clipped (touching any of the sides of the holder or the cylindrical cell). 

    If so, you might want to put a washer two underneath the cylindrical cell to move it in the right direction.  Hope it helps! 

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