FTIR for USP monograph chemicals


Does anyone have thoughts on using FTIR to verify USP materials whose monographs do not include IR as a testing method? For example the Diethylstilbestrol USP monograph lists UV for ID test A and LC as ID test B. However I believe the chemical is identifiable using IR

  • Hi Mr. Pharmacist,

    You are entirely correct that diethylstilbestrol can easily indeed be identified by FTIR. However, as there is no recognised USP method listing appropriate IR validated wavelengths, I fear that again while an identification using FTIR would technically be correct, it will not appease auditors in the event of an audit since FTIR isn't a recognised analysis method for this particular USP.

    Sorry matey! My personal preference here would use a UV-Vis instrument such as a Cary 60 UV-Vis for this USP, as the analysis is fairly rapid with this technique.

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