Critically high and low energy levels on 4300 Handheld FTIR

I am experiencing critically high and low energy levels on my handheld 4300 when I attach any accessory other than the DTGS Retro Ref accessory. Anyone have a suggestion as to why this is?

  • Hi mkwasniewicz,

    the instrument gain needs to be adjusted per accessory. Every accessory has it's own throughput because if different (amount) of mirrors, surface coatings, use of crystals (like in ATR). If you have set a specific gain in a method for accessory A, this can overwrite the adjusted gain for accessory B. Therefore the enery levels are not optimal. 

    Advised to either let the software adjust the gain per accessory and set instrument gain for this accy, so the energy is in the green (~25k). If you want / need to optimize the methods, do this for each accessory individually. 

    Hope it helps.

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