Cary WinUV registration after PC upgrade

Hello, due to hardware problems we had to reinstalled Cary WinUV V4.1 on a different computer. The registration tries to connect to the old Varian Software Registration webpage for the SW activation, a site not active anymore.

How can we get an activation code for this SW? Or which is the new url for the SW registration?

Many thanks!

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  • Hello:

    johkane's answer is correct. 

    Agilent will need the values.xml file. Once you have that file, do not make any changes to your computer once you generate the values.xml. Leave is on that page. (Any changes will render the activation key unusable. Should this happen call back and we will generate another one.

    Heres' how to navigate to your local support contact information.

    To contact your local office please start at

     Select Support & Resources 

     From Technical support choose Contact Us

     On the Contact Us in the middle of the page

     Choose you country from the drop-down menu.

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