Agilent Cary 845x Software

The Cary 845x UV-Visible system software does not have a way to export "All Spectrum". How can I export all of the spectrum scans that were collected during a kinetic run. There are hundreds. This is way too many to export one by one.

  • The customer has resolved his problem with a macro form the UCL folder on the ChemStation disk.  (These are non-supported macros, but were likely tested at the time of contribution.)  

    In this case , Macro Contribution #4

    UV ChemStations Revision A.05.xx
    Date 08/05/98
    Mode : KINETICS
    Contribution 'Macro functions are provided to export kinetics
    data from one cell to a text file. A dialog is
    offered to reduce the data set by specifying a
    subset of the acquired wavelengths and the
    acquisition times.'

    Well done Michael4008!

    All previous replies were inadvertently deleted. 



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